Writestream 10/31/2018 – NaNoWriMo Prep

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The Water of Awakening, Chapter 1-3 “The Farmwife and the Volva”

My latest book, The Water of Awakening is set to be released on July 7 on Amazon. In in, Helga, a young newly-married woman, is put on a quest for a strange artifact in return for a cure to her husband’s mysterious illness. This artifact, the Water of Awakening, is held by a clan of strange creatures on the edge of Fay, where reality and dreams are one and the same, and road is long and dangerous. Helga quickly quickly realizes that she is out of her depth, but persists and finds friends in unexpected places. If this free preview…

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Why Should I Read Historical Fiction?

Why do readers read historical fantasy? Should you read it? What exactly would you get out of it? Like fantasy, it has to do with the interest of the setting itself, how that setting affects the characters, and the enjoyment of learning about a new culture through a meaningful story. The difference between Historical Fiction and Fantasy is that, unlike fantasy, that culture actually existed, so you are possibly learning and connecting with a real aspect of human history.

David Stewart is the author of Japanese Historical Fiction book Muramasa: Blood Drinker, which takes place in the late Muromachi period of Feudal Japan, otherwise known as the Sengoku, or warring states period.

Why You Should Read Fantasy

In the video below I go over the main reasons that you should read fantasy if you are not doing so already. Fantasy delivers unique settings that are of interest on their own, something not usually present in “realist” fiction. This setting also creates unique characters with perspectives on the human experience that can be profoundly different from what you experience outside of the genre, and this in turn creates plots and stories that are highly original. Don’t be afraid of the big fantasy tomes, because worlds await… If you want to see where I take fantasy you can read…

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Writers of the Dawn podcast, episode 2: Settings

Today Matt and I talk about story settings and world building. What exactly is a story setting? It’s much more than place and time, as we discuss.

Find Matt at matthewjwellman.com

Review: Eternal Champion (retro fantasy metal)

2016: The Year of Peak Butthurt (video)

A Walk at Dusk, “Coffin Water” part 1

V. Coffin Water Tabitha lived in a hovel well outside of town that was more a collection of separately built rooms than a house, sprawling out over the bare earth in odd directions as poorly built spaces had been added on to the original square cabin that dated from the first settling of Laughlin. The added wings of the house sagged with their poor foundations, giving the whole building the look of a drooping dog’s face. A single light glowed in one of the dingy windows as David rode up and dismounted. Before he could knock on the door it…

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A Walk at Dusk, “Plans,” part 1

IV. Of Plans   Dear David, If you are reading this during the week of the twenty-second, then I have missed you again, but that is perhaps a good thing. My father, I think, has warmed to you slightly (but I would say it is the warmth of old soup, not hot tea, if that makes any sense), but of course he would demand to chaperone even the most innocent of conversations since your brother fell ill. He trusts you and doesn’t trust you, or perhaps it is that he doesn’t trust me. I think also that the most innocent…

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Deep Time launched and Muramasa: Blood Drinker available free for a limited time

This week marks the first major launch of the massive hard scifi IP Deep Time, spearheaded my novel Prophet of the Godseed on the Amazon Kindle platform. My historical fantasy novel Muramasa: Blood Drinker is also available free for a limited time. Now’s the time to grab it. I’m exceedingly proud of these two works, and of being able to bring them to the market. I’m looking forward to releasing both of these as paperbacks in the coming months, so be sure to check back of follow me on Amazon and YouTube to keep up with what’s going on. In the meantime, don’t forget…

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