How Design a Book Cover: Copying a Best-Seller in Inkscape (video)

Every wonder what goes into a modern book cover? In the video below you can watch me go through every step, from blank document to finished product, to create a modern book cover using only stock photography, Inkscape (a free vector and object program), and a little know-how. I demonstrate this by copying the design of the cover for Name of the Wind, by Patrick Rothfuss, a best-selling fantasy epic that uses a standard photographic book cover. In essence, most modern book covers are composed of several photographs that are blended together to create the image of a scene or location, and…

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New Short Story Run from “Deep Time”

Having completed the rewrite and the re-run of the first act of my first book, Dissonant Tides, I thought it might be time for some different content. I will be running (starting today) a story from my science fiction universe created with Matt Wellman, Deep Time.  This story, which will be integrated into the first full novel of this universe, details how the Macbeth Clan comes to have the person of Moses on board the fleet-ship and also gives a large amount of background information as to how the fleet-ship functions and how the universe operates within the confines of relativity. I hope you will enjoy this scifi story!

Writer’s Vlog: Dissonant Tides First Act

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Writers Vlog: Revisions

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One Punch Man Analysis and Review (Youtube video

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Storycraft, part 2: Settings (youtube video)

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My house is being renovated (again) today and tomorrow, which, since one of those rooms is my office/studio, limits my ability to compose and edit new updates or, especially, create more YouTube guitar content. What I thought might do instead is take a slight break from The Bright Children and other projects and put up a previously unpublished story from the Deep Time universe: Twins Across Two Times, a short story dealing with the reunion of Anders and Claribel, one of whom has aged profoundly due to the effects of relativity on high-speed space travel. Enjoy!

Do have to use Flamenco strings on my flamenco guitar? (YouTube video)

New youtube media is up!

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The Bright Children, Chapter 3-2 “Meat and Bone”

“So,” Aphella said, breaking the silence, “what do you think of our town?” “Well,” Frey said, scratching his chin with the blunt end of his fork. “I suppose I appreciate it. Your architecture, the people, the way you talk, and of course your clothes all have an ancient quality to them. I haven’t been out this way in quite some time. It’s nice to see old tastes haven’t changed.” Aphella glared at him, but all he did was smile back. “I’ll have you know-” She began, before being cut off by a raised, gentle hand. “It is a compliment,” Frey…

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Creating when you aren’t passionate

My whole life I have been an artist, with my focus moving between music, visual art, and the written word. Countless times I have dealt with the cycle of creativity, which is the slow or sometimes drastic switch between uncontrollable excitement and enthusiasm about projects to apathy. The well runs dry from time to time, and creation becomes nearly impossible. Some people call this “writers block,” but I think more that it is a disconnect of emotion, and I consider it part of any creative process. From time to time you have to let the well refill, and be content with what you have done until the next exciting project sweeps you away.

Historically, I have always found things to do when I found creation of new art difficult. In music, there was the ever-present demand of practice, which requires repetition far more than passion. With art, it was technical exercises. Writing, however, is a bit more difficult. I have considered spending a week writing non-fiction, and I have more than a few ideas in the pipe for that sort of thing. Editing seems ideal, but at the moment is difficult. Right now I am editing an old manuscript, but because of the primitiveness of my writing (it was my first book), it has become a re-write, which has demanded I tap new sources in my process.

It’s hard for me to find technical things to do with writing to pass through to the renewed well, but I can also look at this situation as an opportunity to grow. Finding ways to keep working through dispassion can be applicable to many other things, like day jobs, or parenting. Either way, I’m determined to slog through my current projects!

Just a few thoughts for the day.