Needle Ash

The saga of the Eternal Dream continues…

Michael, prince and high captain of militaristic Artalland, risks his life to save his men when a battle plan fails, and in so doing achieves victory for his stern father. Instead of praise, Michael is stripped of his commission, his only path to prosperity as a second son of the royal house. Confused and dejected, he returns home convinced that the failed battle plan, as well as his ejection from the army, are the result of a conspiracy against the kingdom by the enemy nation of Ferralla. On the way, he runs into one of his battlemages, a strange and stubborn woman named Sharona who is convinced that the gods want her to act as Michael’s personal bodyguard.

Michael resolves to save his father and his kingdom, but betrayal lurks behind every corner, and it becomes clear the conspiracy against him extends beyond the confines of the mundane world, to the realm of the ancient dark elves, bathed in everlasting twilight. There, as in the waking world, things are not as they seem…

Needle Ash is the sequel to my fantasy novel The Water of Awakening, but knowledge of the first book is not required to understand this new story. Needle Ash features different protagonists but some returning auxiliary characters in a new, thrilling story of war and intrigue. Interior illustrations will be provided by artist Brad Lynn.

Art by Brad Lynn

Needle Ash is a new high fantasy novel that was constructed as part of National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo) as a means of demonstrating how fast a creative cycle can actually happen. The goal of the work was to plan, write, revise, and publish a novel in 30 days. This differs from NaNoWriMo’s normal goal of 50,000 words in that includes both the revision phase, and more importantly, the publication phase of book creation. The book ran to 90,000 words and will be published in December of 2017. The original rough draft (for students of the craft) can be found below, but may disappear once the full title is released.

Read the original run of Needle Ash here:

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Chapter 2: The Means of Victory

Chapter 3: Strange Company Part 1 | Part 2

Chapter 4: Turns Part 1 | Part 2

Chapter 5: Ferralla Part 1 | Part 2

Chapter 6: The Queen and the King Part 1 | Part 2

Chapter 7: Knives of Darkness Part 1 | Part 2

Chapter 8: In Search of Twilight’s Memory Part 1 | Part 2

Chapter 9: Mirrors

Chapter 10: The Image Shatters


Chapter 11: Schism part 1 | Part 2

Chapter 12: Shards of Reality part 1 | Part 2

Chapter 13: In the Shadows part 1 | Part 2

Chapter 14: The Conspiracy part 1 | Part 2

Chapter 15: The Gambit part 1 | Part 2

Chapter 16: The Ends of Victory part 1 | Part 2

Chapter 17: A River Running Swiftly part 1 | Part 2

Chapter 18: Face to Face


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