The Bright Children, chapter 2-3 “Eld of the Light”

“Thank you Tyterus,” Zyteus said, looking to his son. Aphella rarely heard Ty’s full name spoken, and usually that was when he was in trouble, never with such a neutral intonation. “It is good to see you well, Aphella,” Warka said, smiling warmly. “I am sorry I could not be quicker out the gate to help you.” She gestured to an empty seat opposite hers, near at hand to the strangers. “Please, have a seat.” Aphella nodded and sat in one of the wrought chairs, leaving two empty between herself and the large, grey-haired dim-man. “We were lucky Frey and…

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Bright Children, Chapter 2-2 “Eld of the Light”

They stopped in front of the town meeting hall, an ancient building of carved stone lit with many small crystal lamps and home to the town’s beacon, as well as the central foci. Above the large steel double doors was carved in ornate, flowing letters the name of the town, Twillanya, along with the province it was part of, Bolaya, back when there was an actual kingdom in the east. So long had it been since Twillanya was part of a nation that notions of kingdom and empire were relegated to the realm of folklore and legend, rather than memory.…

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The Bright Children, Chapter 2-1 “Eld of the Light”

Chapter 2: Eld of the Light   “I’m sorry.” Aphella held the butt end of her bone spear in her hands as she sat bent over on the stone entryway bench. The other half of the spear, itself split into two fractured segments, leaned against her thigh, each stained red and sickly green from the blood and bile of the dreadtusk. “Even objects of power are mere objects,” Aphella’s father, Dolmar said. “I would much rather lose the spear than lose you.” He sat himself down beside her, holding a steaming cup of thistle tea in each hand. He handed…

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Bright Children, Chapter 1-4 “Dreadtusk”

“I’ve never heard of more than one coming this far upland,” Shaenyll said. She held out her own focus, a long intricately carved piece of ivory with a narrow tip, in the same manner as Hamon. “I know what I hear,” Hamon said. He drew his focus, a square piece of knotted bone terminating in a series of blunted spikes, back and forth, his eyes looking over it at the horizon. “I know what I feel in the lines two. There are more coming. Two. Three?” His throat grated slightly as he inhaled. “Get the livestock inside the walls,” Shaenyll…

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The Bright Children, Chapter 1-3 “Dreadtusk”

Aphella froze. She could feel her heart beating, but everything else on her body seemed locked up, stiff, cold. Never had she encountered a beast of the wild that did not succumb to fire and heat, but the roaring mass of muscle and twisted hide on the other end of the pit was prove fire did not quell all life. The dreadtusk ended its roar and ground its feet into the wet earth of the pit. It shook its head and grunted, then vomited up part of the snuffler it had devoured a scant minute earlier. It appeared as a…

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The Bright Children, Chapter 1-2 “Dreadtusk”

“The elders are up, yes? Go get them,” Aphella said. “It’s a dreadtusk.” She picked up her spear and bent her knees. Softly she began to incant, and the broad bone head of the spear gave off a pale green light. “What?” Ty said. He fumbled with his lantern, nearly dropping it on the rocks, then held it out as if it too were a spear. A roar like a deep, guttural drum shook them. Ripples appeared from the water as if dozens of rocks had been thrown into the pool. On the far side of the pool, the silhouette…

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The Bright Children, Chapter 1-1

Chapter 1: Dreadtusk Aphella sat on the rocks, watching the hold’s herd of snufflers amble about in the moss pit. Beyond it was impenetrable, unending darkness. Above, there was nothingness. Behind her, the village was alive with light, though she knew the greater majority of the people there would be sleeping. That light of the village gave only a faint image of the moss pit, and ever Aphella’s gaze fell on the end of that light. The dimness and the loneliness was what made times up on the wall, watching the animals, boring and frightening at the same time. The…

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The Bright Children, Prologue: The Darkening

The land of the Bright Children, the Illuminates, was a twisted world – a world of ruins. It was a land of wide untold boundaries, filled with beasts of unfathomable horror, whose dens reeked of death, and whose tusks were stained with gore. Seldom were the dens of such monsters found, even when they were sought out, an action which the bravest and brightest illuminate would find terrifying and abominable. This was because the world, the earth, nameless beyond such simple terms, was above all, exceedingly dark. The darkness that surrounded the Bright Children was nearly a thing unto itself,…

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News: New Project!

It seems that the  re-writing Moonsong has become a rather monolithic project. The complicated task of re-defining characters, plot points, and settings, all while carrying through changes to later (and better initially written) parts of the story has been one that is not only draining on my time, but also on my spirit. It’s hard to write when you aren’t excited to do so, even if the end product is quite polished, and I am ultimately far more excited to work on new projects in the queue than I am to spend my energies correcting mistakes that boil down to inexperience. Part of the difference is to blame for the last gap of updates, but adding to it is the considerable amount of effort required due to the nature of the Moonsong project itself. Pages upon pages of intricate notes and long story lines do not lend themselves well to a busy schedule that requires me to write in short bursts, and though I have had time to pour through such things lately, my schedule is likely to be impacted in the near future.

It is for these reasons that I am putting the current publication of Moonsong on hold for the time being, and instead choosing to focus on a brand new project. This new project is something I hinted at back at the first launch of the site called “The Bright Children.” I had initially put off the writing of it in service to other projects that I owed my attentions, and desiring to further hone my skills, but I think with the completion of Prophet of the God Seed, my mind is ready for some more extreme fantasy. My heart is also excited to work on something new and different, which will be critical in the months to come. I need to be very excited about a  project to pull out my laptop at lunch or between other obligations and throw in a few hundred words in a short amount of time. I need my mind to dwell on the elements of character, setting, and story. This is such a story, whereas a re-write of an older work is not.

So, in moving forward with 2015, I am introducing the latest novel-length  story to my canon:

The Bright Children

Set in a world of total darkness illuminated only by a race of humanoid spellcasters, The Bright Children mixes elements of horror and fantasy in story that is both narrative and myth.

Publication will begin with the prologue (which already exists), and follow with the narrative proper on a weekday update schedule.

Muramasa: Blood Drinker, an Author’s Reflection

At long last, the writing and subsequent digital publishing of my “little” samurai novel is complete. The first words were typed while I was on a break from teaching a special education class in El Segundo, California, and the final words were written in an uncomfortable high chair in a Starbucks that was attached to Marriot in Sacremento, California. That is somewhat symbolic for me, as there were as many words written away from home as at home; my life has been in a state of upheaval for some time, but I still got the work done.  Muramasa was definitely the…

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