Sex and Society, part 1: Guard Your Eggs!

The Bright Children will return tomorrow. In the mean, enjoy the introduction to a weekly series exploring how sex has created society!

What it takes for a male human to reproduce:

  • A relatively fun few minutes.


What it takes for a female human to reproduce:

  • A few minutes which might not be fun at all
  • Six weeks to nine months of nausea
  • An ever expanding midsection causing back pain, leg pain, and general discomfort
  • Hours to days worth of painful labor culminating in the forceful expulsion of a tiny human from an extremely sensitive area.
  • One to two years of nursing and providing full-time care to a baby that is utterly helpless without you.
  • Up to eighteen years of working to provide for a dependent child so that they can reach adulthood and reproduce themselves, continuing the human race.

NOTE:  Each woman must on average do this at least twice for the human race to not die out.


What does this mean in terms of society? In the absence of other forces, women have a much stronger incentive to guard the process of mating than men do. Nature’s simple command is thus:

Women! Guard your Eggs!

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