The Bright Children

“To survive in a world of darkness, you need the magic that is the light.”

"Time Lost in Darkness" Bic on paper, 2013, by DVS

“Time Lost in Darkness” Bic on paper, 2013, by DVS

The people of light call themselves the Bright Children, for apart from themselves the world is utterly dark. Moonless and starless, the endless night presses in on all sides, concealing hidden horrors. Even so, the world, old as it is, is changing. There are those that try to fight the darkness and unite people in a reformed empire of light, guiding its tributaries towards peace, security, and the happiness spoken of in myth.

Such is what is witnessed by Aphella, a young woman from one of the far-remote ancient villages that once was tributary to the empire. A lightweaver more skilled than she realizes, she attracts the notice of the empire in the form of Frey, a wizened caravaner of both repute and mystery. Pushed and pulled by those around her, Aphella finds herself caught up in struggles that are both grander and more grim than she could have possibly imagined.

The Bright Children is my latest serial story, published exclusively on DVS Press. It is my third large-form narrative to recieve serial treatment, and will be released in 1,000 word segments, with a finished total of around 100,000 words, finishing up sometime during the fall of 2015. This page acts as both a virtual book jacket and a table of contents, with a dramatis personae to be added soon.

Table of Contents:

Prologue: The Darkening
Chapter 1, “Dreadtusk” 1/2/3/4
Chapter 2, “Eld of the Light” 1/2/3/4
Chapter 3, “Meat and Bone” 1/2/3/4/5
Chapter 4, “Lessons” 1/2/3/4
Chapter 5, “Thief” 1/2/3/4/5/6
Chapter 6, “Dark Paths” 1/

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