Conversation: Pro-drug, but certainly not pro-reason


The conversation on the left is a recent one, the one on the right is one I found from awhile back. I do so love the irony of when somebody tells me to “educate myself” whilst being incomprehensible and showing themselves incapable of using 4th grade grammar. You can’t make this kind of stuff up. A few more notes:

  1. the post on the bottom left is the original second-to-last post on the left. I guess he revised it, not realizing I have a record of the original.
  2. I guess this guy hates me and wants me to die. Not bad considering he has never met me and (I believe) didn’t even watch the video these comments are present on.
  3. “No you educate you’re dumb fucking mind.” Gaze into the abyss.
  4. “video games are evil, heavy metal is evil…” Hard to know if this is an attack on things I like or sarcasm with the assumption that I don’t like those things. Clearly, written communication and rational thought are not this person’s forte.

You can watch the video (a little reflection of mine) here: