Ah, a place for all my homeless ideas.

Even those that know me may not know all the crazy stuff that I work on day to day.  I write screenplays with +Matt Wellman as well as develop other ideas; I write stories, books, and graphic novels (that’s some new territory for me), and I still have to find time to keep up my guitar chops and update my musical content. 

I toyed with the idea of making this a home for all my political ideas (as if there weren’t enough of those), but I quickly realised that my politics are expressed much more convincingly in my art than in direct exposition.  Besides, who would bother reading my opinions when there are so many other well stated ones out there that are congruent with mine? 

So, in any event, I will be making this a home for my lonely fiction, narratives in progress, poems, and other wacky ideas for which I just can’t seem to find any other outlet.

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