Break and new content for March 2017

In case you noticed, there was no Walk at Dusk update for today. That work will be going ahead for a release this year, although later than I originally anticipated due to a host of setbacks in my work schedule that have prevented me from having the time to do the editing and re-writes necessary to finish the project. I will resume posting samples and updates in the near future, but don’t expect a full release here on DVS Press like I have done in the past.

I also wanted to take a week or two off from those posts to put out something new I have been planning, which is a fairytale that will tie in with Garamesh and the Farmer, which I released late last year in both kindle and audiobook format. My original plan with that tale, as well as the one I will put out, was to put out a series of 99 cent ebooks with audiobook companions, then to collect these stories into a larger paperback or hardback (possibly illustrated), as well as offer a larger audiobook. The smaller size affords me a few advantages:

  1. It lets me hit a really cheap price point for anyone new to my stories that doesn’t want to buy Muramasa or isn’t interested in science fiction.
  2. It lets me put out an inexpensive audiobook companion and also (possibly) offer the audiobook via youtube or soundcloud for free.
  3. The audiobook is of a manageable length (1-2 hours) that I can do in a short burst, whereas Muramasa will take much longer to finish.
  4. It gets me practice making covers and recording audiobooks, as well as more practice working in the audiobook market.
  5. The project is more time-bound, so it won’t languish in development hell like a few other of my books (they’ll all come out, just given time, even Dissonant Tides, which is a much bigger project than most people realize). I can go from writing to market much faster, which also gets more content out to readers who are interested in it.
  6. The stories are independent, but can contribute to a long-term goal, a real creative win-win.

I will also likely make Garamesh and the Farmer in its current published state into a “first of a series” in its metadata, which will help me tie these novelettes (and 1-2 additional ones) into each other for marketing purposes. Stay tuned for more content regarding this new project!

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