Diofield Chronicle: An Almost Great Tactics RPG

In short:

-Solid gameplay on the micro level

-Less interesting macro (leveling, skill building, crafting)

-Very polished experience

-Somewhat convoluted story and lack of likable characters

-Can we give the “Catholic Church is secretly evil” trope a rest? It’s in far too many jrpgs at this point.

-Worth buying at a discount, but doesn’t feel like a 60-dollar game.

Obligatory book links:


  1. About obligatory book links, since I haven’t made a gypsy account to go back to YouTube and you understandably haven’t got the time to engage with a couple comments on BitChute, allow me to use this space to comment on the upcoming demonic AI story: really glad you were able to get it out when the “controversy” is still a thing; love the concept, cyber demons might be the twist the cyberpunk genre needed to become relevant again, I’m thinking Constantine meets Johnny Mnemonic, but in a serious tone. It hits home for me, but not on the tech side of it, so I’m looking forward to it. I hope it didn’t push back the storycraft book to much, that’s the one I’m most eager to get my hands on. Cheers and God Bless.

    • Thank you! I’m trying to get a few things set up / finished up, but I’m hoping to get the story out soon. It’s once again quite different from what I have done before. Might be hated, I don’t know.

  2. I played that game. It was a fun game, but the characters are definitely a stinker. Especially the MC. I can’t think of a more unlikable video game protagonist than Andrias, and I’ve played a lot of video games.

    I ended up dropping it when it became clear that the only likable character major character in the game was about to leave the party.

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