“Experienced” Female Companionship, or Infinite Fried Chicken?

This was a good piece of viral content – everyone has something to say.

If you don’t know how Mia is, she was a well-known pornstar that worked for about a year (*Update: Three months) in the industry, made almost no money in it, talked candidly about the consequences of it, and now does other stuff (non-pornographic) on the internet for money. I guess at one point she was the most searched for porn actress on some of the biggest sites.

It makes her a great target for what twitter likes to do as a collective being – dunk on people.

Almost nobody said they would take a week with the woman over free chicken nuggets.

Here’s the thing.

Chicken nuggets are NOT good for you. They are also cheap. I already can purchase chicken nuggets as often as I please. I don’t eat infinite chicken nuggets not because they are expensive, but because they are bad for me. Also, they would get boring.

I gotta be honest, too. Most of the dudes dunking on the girl could really use a week of female companionship, even without sex. It would be way better for them, their confidence, their masculinity, than getting fat on fried chicken. The proper choice should be the human contact, especially in our disconnected world. Especially for some of the dudes on twitter, who are starving for physical human contact.

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I don’t want to be too negative, either – this is the condition of our society, not some moral failing on their part.

This also reminds me of something in the larger porn debate on twitter (if you aren’t familiar, there has been an uptick recently of Christians and other experienced men encouraging young men to quit watching porn and/or calling for the banning or restriction of pornography).

Porn teaches men to view pornstars as non-people.

They are whores – there for an immediate physical stimulation and worth nothing (often literally – porn is mostly free). It’s fine to make fun of them, ridicule them, treat them like dirt for having lots of male partners, for enduring degrading sexual acts, for trading money for an intimate act… but these same men have spent countless hours watching these women be degraded, and have enjoyed it.

They are images divorced from reality. It has to be that way for the product to work.

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  1. Thank you for this article, I am already on a porn-free diet if you will. I quit a week ago and it feels like I just stopped carrying a 1-ton bag of bricks, those bricks being the lies I have created to shield myself from the scrutiny of family and friends. I feel free and can see and think of women much different, in just one week!

    Your content is great, keep on trucking!

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