New Novella – The Crown of Sight – releasing March 22

My newest Novella, The Crown of Sight, will release on March 22 for 99 cents!

You can pre-order on Amazon here.

You can find all other retailers here.

I’m very excited to bring this new book to market. A little bit about it:

It’s part of a new series: the Eternal Dream Legends series. These will be stories that comprise the myths, legends, and tales of the mainline Eternal Dream sequence. I thought it better to tell some of these stories directly, rather than have to detail any importance through indirect exposition in the main books. If you want another book that would “fit” into the series, it would be Garamesh and the Farmer (free on amazon!), which is kid appropriate, while Crown of Sight most certainly is not.

It’s a short read. At about 22k words, it should take about 2 hours to read, the same as a movie.

It introduces a new race – The Draesenith. They aren’t actually new. I just haven’t done anything exclusively yet.

It’s got everything – War, swordfights, magic, romance, philosophy.

So go ahead and pre-order it! And if you got an advanced copy, please consider reviewing it, as reviews help potential readers who have never known me make a decision.

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