The Parable of the Goat and the Sheep

A sheep and a goat were standing in a fenced pasture chewing on alfalfa and wild barley. The goat, tired of the bare patches of earth made by the sheep, leapt up onto the turf roof of the farmhouse and began chewing the cud that grew upon it. “Get down from there you fool goat!” said the sheep from the ground below. “Why should I?” “You aren’t supposed to be on the roof,” said the sheep “You’re the fool. There’s no such thing as ‘supposed to.’” “Mark my words, the farmer will punish you for this.” “He’ll have to catch…

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Prometheus and the Farm

Prior to beginning my little series on farm parables, I made a video discussing the symbolism of the farm, as well as the symbolism of Prometheus, and how those too semiologies line up.