Water of Awakening ebook pre-order is now live!

My latest fantasy novel – Water of Awakening

I’m announcing this a few days late, but you can now pre-order the ebook version of my new high fantasy novel (in the adventure fantasy sub-genre) The Water of Awakening on Amazon! The paperback will be available for pre-order (hopefully) by the end of the next or a week prior to release, so make sure you are on my mailing list to get updates on the physical copies (and get access to a free gift soon!).

The Water of Awakening is a high fantasy novel by David V. Stewart that tells the story of Helga, a young woman jokingly called “Helga the Lion” by the people of her village, as she sets out to acquire a rare talisman in hopes of curing her deathly ill husband. Along the the way she find strange allies (including a cadre of talking ravens) and discovers the truth about her quest, the nature of the world, and herself.

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