Why We Call it the Death Cult

Screw it. here we go:

I’m not the only one who calls the vast pseudo-religious motivation and activism the “Death Cult.” I saw last year (or so) that fellow Christian author Brian Niemeier was using the same terminology to describe the same things, and every day I see more people either getting very close to the terminology or pegging it outright.

By why do I specifically call it the “Death Cult”? Why not the “woke cult” or just “Social Justice Warriors”?

The short answer is because they are obsessed with death.

They want you dead.

Every so often the mask will slip and the cultists will jabber about how all Trump voters should be shot into the sun. Alternatively, they could suggest that their enemies not be permitted to work (and therefore not eat) until they publicly pronounce the correctness of the death cult and accept punishment (but never be forgiven). There are still proclaiming their desire to have you dead, just with one humiliating intermediate step, like Winston in 1984.

On the other side, they promote things that end up killing you, like obesity (fat acceptance) and drug use (illicit and pharmaceutical). If you can’t be shot into the sun, you can at least be killed slowly.

They want your soul to die.

In other words, they want to kill your religion. This is worse than physical death for everyone who actually believes in an immortal soul. They desire you to enter into damnation for their (demonically obsessed) earthly pleasure. Even the religion that you think would get a pass (you know which one) doesn’t as soon as that religion involves leaders actually preaching theology and proper behavior. Pay attention and you see that their primary enemy is Christianity, and most often the Roman Catholic Church. They ally with other religions only temporarily. Ultimately, they hate Islam as much as Christianity, which explains why it has taken almost 20 years to even consider having the military leave the Islamic world.

Notice the one thing they couldn’t allow to start back up with the COVID pandemic was church. The cultists fear it above all other things, for there is truly nothing you can do to a man or woman who has true faith. The testimony of the martyrs is deafening. So, they try to destroy your religion in as many ways as possible – force your kids to attend public schools, shut down churches, make it impossible to participate in the state and stick to your Christian principles (which I’ve talked about before – over time the secular state become default atheist), try to shut down church leaders for daring to talk politics, etc.

They want your culture buried

This is why the cultists have infiltrated and subverted every university, every major media corporation, and destroyed every western popular franchise in existence. Your values – family, chastity, faith, honor – in addition to all the modes of being that have created and sustained our culture for thousands of years – masculinity, femininity, childhood innocence – must be replaced with things that cannot sustain your culture. Homosexuality, trangenderism, sexualization of minors – all of them exist as a cancer to kill your culture. This isn’t to create some socialist utopia (though they attempt to use socialist terminology). The goal itself is the destruction of your culture and what comes afterward – either oblivion or oppression – is quite irrelevant because it is a religious sentiment.

The belief in “multiculturalism” is of course only transient at best and usually just lip service. They want immigrant children to be locked up in the same homogenizing institutions as the rest of the native population in an attempt to subsume all into the super-corporate imperial monoculture.

They believe in human sacrifice

Specifically, abortion. The abhorrent and ongoing murder of children in the womb must continue no matter what science has to say, no matter what philosophy has to say, especially no matter what the church has to say. Pay attention to their justifications – Abortion is always justified as a sacrifice to gain other pleasures in life.

If I hadn’t had an abortion, I wouldn’t have won this Oscar!

We saw a decrease in crime because we legalized abortion.

You should be happy abortion is legal so you don’t have to pay child support when you knock me up!

Having a baby will ruin your life; we need to allow women access to safe, free abortions!

Etc. Etc.

None of these things matter if the subject at hand is inherently immoral. If the Aztec gods truly did exist and bless the bloody empire, the conquistadors would have still been right to sweep it away because human sacrifice is evil.

They believe in Armageddon

The last thirty-five years we’ve had endless, non-stop doom-cult pronouncements regarding global warming, rising sea levels, and the extinction of all life on earth because people drive cars. Likewise, for more than three decades, in fact close to a century, the death cult has been obsessed with overpopulation. Not a single doom-cult prediction has come true in that time. Not only that, but the scientists who are supposedly predicting the weather using their ultra-complex computer models can’t even predict the things they say they can a year or two out.

You don’t need to look deep to know the ecofascist wing of the death cult is about as scientific as a cargo cult shaman throwing babies into the volcano to get more crates from the gods to wash up on shore. It’s a religious practice – trust in oracles and a priestly “blessed” class called academic “scientist.”

Their solution, of course, is more human sacrifice, but from a different angle – they want your lifestyle to be killed. They want to destroy the ability of people to live where they want and eat what they want. If you live in the pod and eat bugs, Armageddon might just be averted. Create the apocalypse to avoid the apocalypse. At least after the deathly collapse we can go back to such air-healthy things as burning dung to stay warm.

They want to die themselves.

I mean this in a literal sense. Death cultists proudly proclaim on social media what cocktail of psychotropic medications keep them from having a total collapse – medications which, if you look deeply into it, actually cause suicide. And they tell each other (and you – remember they still want you dead) to just take your pills. Therapy, of course, is a religious substitute. It’s confession with pills as penance and no absolution for your sins. Instead, you are sold supposed progress towards a heaven in the now, a nirvana that can be reached if only you talk about the right things and take the right pills.

They are also suicidal along another vector – gene death. Perhaps a small consolation to the rest of us, most of the death cultists (at least the pod-bug-eaters) don’t have children, and think having children is bad. It’s bad for personal, hedonistic reasons: if I have children, I won’t have as much money for toys or as much time to play with them. It is also bad for their larger religious reasons having to do with “the environment” and “overpopulation.” Either way, they are dedicated to making sure their line dies with them.

They want your genes to die, too.

Why do you think they ridicule people for having large families? Why do they spend so much time trying to subvert, for example, Catholic teaching on birth control, marriage, and especially abortion? They want your line to expire as well. Modern life must be made expensive, so you’ll put off your biological imperative. Women should be taught to pursue career before children, or they won’t be “fulfilled.” Part of what makes one an enemy of the Death Cult is having produced life.

The consumerist culture itself seems to exist to disincentivize normal reproductive activity. Think of all the extra money you’ll have for toys!

They want your ethnicity to die.

Why all the white hate? Simple, Whites are the biggest group of enemies. Whites shouldn’t reproduce because it’s bad for the world! But we need immigration to replace the whites who don’t reproduce!

Then there is interracial marriage, which is promoted constantly, especially in places like the UK (which is, last I checked, full of British people, who are white). Notice that Barack Obama is thought of as “Black” even though he is half white American. They view all children of mixed marriages as one ethnicity only, so long as one of those parents is of European stock. Did your Scottish mother marry a Filipino? You’re just “Asian.”

If you aren’t white and think this doesn’t apply to you, think again. Minorities are a Golem they use against the white majority, to be discarded once no longer useful. Remember that most abortions are performed on blacks, not whites. Watch death cult magazines such as National Geographic (nowadays) – they will occasionally show the “future” European or North American as being some brown mix of all races. Eventually, the other ethnicities will be discarded as well in favor of a corporate-imperial homogeneous “world man.”

No variety of cultures. No separate ethnicities with their own identities and history. No religion. Everyone pushed together into a pod, eating filth, wishing for death, then getting it.

It’s like they want revenge for being born.

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  1. Spot-on, David

    Whatever they were, the enemy aren’t SJWs anymore. They’ve devolved past that stage.

    You know the Death Cult moniker is right on target because 1) the cultists really hate it, and 2) they’re always trying to project it onto us.

    “You goddies are a death cult because your symbol is an execution device!
    “Now excuse me while I take my 9 y/o daughter for an abortion and hormone blockers that’ll render xer sterile for life.”

    • Right on.
      “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”
      The cross is a symbol of sacrifice, but Christ is NOT dead.

  2. The one thing I’d add are that they want to kill your self-worth. That’s why we see all these Humiliation Rituals with the masks, promoting bug eating and twerking. People know deep down how ridiculous they are but fall in line because everyone else is doing it.

  3. As the woke would say “No lies detected”.

    It is a testament to the destructiveness of their ideology that they have not offered ANYTHING to replace these things they destroy. They do not create because they are incapable of it and besides it takes too much work. This is why they destroy. And destroying things is so easy that the universe does it to everything that exists automatically.

  4. Matthew L Martin

    My apocalyptic imagination still inclines me towards Antichurch, but Death Cult is probably more descriptive.

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