All it Takes is One Complaint

Apparently, for Mailchimp to cancel your account.

I’ve used Mailchimp for years, and stuck with them through the degradation of their interface, to the point where the site is barely usable, but that’s probably going to have to change now.

It’s not that the complaint was libelous; it is – Stefan is an anarchist, not a “nationalist” or a “white nationalist” (something which is a contradiction in terms).

It’s that the company will cancel your account immediately after a single false accusation of wrongthink. This response was so quick and the accusation so ridiculous that it makes me think that it had to be something on the inside – a setup to score SJW cred on twitter, or something.

So I’ll be moving most of my integration over as soon as I can. Considering the interface now looks like it was actually designed by chimps, maybe I’ll send out more mail.

What remains to be seen is whether Stefan will make the rubble bounce – This sure seems like a fair bit of interference between various business relationships.


  1. I use Mailchimp too, and I don’t send out many emails–maybe one per month–because the interface is so damn terrible. I’ve been thinking of switching before this event, but I’m really interested in good alternatives now.

    Regarding Stefan, I doubt he’ll fight. He never struck me as a battler, you know? Which is too bad, because I think he has a pretty good case here.

    • He hasn’t waded into the lawfare realm yet, but now would be a good time to do so. He basically has his pick of venues for tortious interference.
      Vox makes a good point that the conflict is always set as “big corporation with infinite money smashing little guy,” but that can easily be flipped if you are the plaintiff. High priced lawyers aren’t necessarily good attorneys, and each legal step you make the company go through costs them hundreds of thousands of dollars while it has the potential to cost you zero. Multiply that times however many people were party to business relationships, and suddenly a minor annoyance becomes overwhelming as the legal department can’t even keep up.

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