Idols are a problem to western society.

No, I’m not writing today about the Japanese phenomenon surrounding teenage girls.

What I’m thinking of is the idolatrous obsession over certain concepts that, through constant attempts to appease as if they are deities, inhibit discourse, clear thinking, and can even cause stumbling on your path to heaven.

One of these, which I’ve talked about already, is Democracy. The idea that democracy as some unmitigated good is not just accepted as fact in the body politic, attempts to even suggest that it might merely be a conditional good, that is one that is good because of what it produces, is viewed as blasphemy and evidence of membership in the National Socialist German Workers Party.

Just take a few moments to ponder the disastrous last 20 years of war, in which the west, lead by the USA, has attempted to “spread democracy” to the poor souls laboring under despotic regimes. The process costs for this supposed good have been astronomical. They can only be justified on religious grounds, because practical arguments for endless war require immunity to any sense of reason.

Democracy if far from the only concept idol in the west. We have the idols of the economy, equality, beauty, and even pleasure. Similar to Agamemnon engaging in human sacrifice to appease the gods and fulfill his duty to wage war on Troy, we today view most political actions as transactions towards an idol. They are both moral actions and a kind of sacrifice for divine favor.

If something makes the economic numbers go up, then it is good. If the numbers go down, then it is bad. If you massage the economy correctly, it will give us all wealth and prosperity, which is the most important thing.

If “the people” elect a crook or a buffoon, it is moral, because it is democratic. Mitigating popular favor, even if it preserves rights and improves the function of society, is bad because somebody has been denied their right to vote, and then the government becomes an evil thing which will surely cause us all to live under totalitarian misery.

You see?

This is part of why I call the modern left the death cult. It’s a religious, not a practical, approach to politics. Affirming abortion is a religious creed. That’s why it is so hard to deal with abortion. It’s proponents are religious zealots, not philosophers. If you could prove banning abortion would create a thousand other goods, it doesn’t matter. Moloch must be appeased.

If you are religious, these sort of obsessions can actively harm you. Seeking to appease an idol at the very least can distract you from what God actually wants from you.

I intend to explore some of these concrete examples in the coming weeks and months, but for now I want to put the idea out there that obsession over certain concepts is a form of idol worship.

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  1. Can’t argue with that. The evolution fantasy, the global warming hoax, fake pandemics, fauxminism, diworsity, intolerance, etc. No shortage of convenient gods to beat you into submission with.

  2. Excellently put. These ideas become absolute idols, shibboleths whereby repeating their creed is supposed to be enough to ward off all evil. And yet the death cultists have the gall to call Christians the superstitious ones.

    • It’s rather funny – the Romans considered Christians superstitious because they prayed to a god who chose whether to answer prayers or not, and they viewed their transactional practices as being more rational. Here we are again.

  3. Perfectly put. We are seeing people have their ability to work sacrificed to these “idols”. Last year alone the old progressive gods of Feminism and Political Correctness and White Privilege have spawned uncontrollable, demonic offspring, to which we already sacrificed dozens of lives and billions of dollars. These idols are the reason we need to tear down and rebuild everything from the ground up. Entire ways of life that sustained us for thousands and thousands of years are unthinkably being dismantled to appease these “new” idols. “The Narrative” as described by the media itself is a long running idol which claims millions of sacrifices every day. Real opinions of real people are ignored in favor of this non corporeal entity we must all obey and support.

  4. I love the mainstream articles written in the West whenever a third-world country democratically elects a nationalist party. “Dangerous ruling party threatens democracy in ___”. Democracy to them means liberalism and central banking rather than a voting process.

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