I did a livestream last night talking about some of the big “Red Pills” I had taken, especially having known and spent time with Dan Bilzerian. As part of that, I said that the biggest thing I learned from him is that MONEY is the most important thing when it comes to pursuing worldly ambitions – sex, power, status, etc.

Enough money can overcome any deficit. It can:

  1. Buy attention directly (advertising)
  2. Buy attention indirectly (lavish parties, etc.)
  3. Buy sex directly (prostitution)
  4. Buy sex indirectly (lavish vacations provided free to women, the transaction of attention from a “high-status” male for sex)
  5. Create the appearance of status by gathering attention using many means (see above)
  6. Create actual status via “fake it til you make it”
  7. Buy you an attractive body: surgery, steroids, personal training/cooks, etc.
  8. Buy some forms of self-improvement

Dan is in real-life a fairly generous and kind person, so I really don’t want to throw too much shade his way. I never attended any of his big events; rather, I spent time with him in small groups, since he was a friend of a good friend of mine. The real Dan isn’t so much an asshole as he’s a man who uses his money to get the things he wants and being “famous” is one of the things he wants. He’s not particularly personable and extraverted (in fact, he used to hire pick up artists to go out with him and help him game women) and he doesn’t have great accomplishments in the arts, sciences, or in business. So he uses what he has, and to be honest, it is quite effective and he’s good at it.

Many people look at Dan on social media with envy, but I never got the impression Dan was ever happy or satisfied. I haven’t talked to him in probably seven years, but whenever he pops up somewhere, he looks like he’s living the exact same life as he was when I knew him. Nothing has changed. Dan just… continues.

When I look at Dan, I see the potential that money could do, not to deliver temporary pleasures to me or to fulfill my personal vanity, but to provide even more for my family. I could buy houses for my children, or adopt more children, or work less, or build a business that I think the world needs, or provide for the church, etc.

So the red pill here comes in two parts:

  1. Money is the best facilitator
  2. Money cannot buy happiness or satisfaction

My recommendation for most young men, if you are putting all things in play, is to focus on money more than your appearance or the cultivation of some sort of social persona to gain attention and status. Money can facilitate the other things, and more importantly, if you are not a worldly man, money can facilitate many good things. You can start your family earlier. You can have more time to spend with them later on because you will already be ahead of the game. You can provide for your church and your elders.

Of course, there are priorities that are higher than money. Money is a means to an end, not an end itself. Being obsessed with money to the exclusion of more important obligations is greed, and you should avoid that, too.

I certainly wish I had been more focused on the financial side of my life early on, as it would have made life easier and many points, but I had to learn things the hard way so I could give advice about it now. I spent my youth struggling and that also improved me in innumerable ways, allowing me to be more financially secure now. Money can also be a worry and a hindrance, so consider yourself blessed if you are not rich, because I have met very few happy rich people.

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  1. It´s easier for a rich man to go through the eye of the needle, than for a camel to go heaven. Amen.

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