Silent Scream

For those reading in the future, there is a good chance that Roe v. Wade, a Supreme Court of the United States decision recognizing abortion as a constitutional right, will be overturned by the same court populated by different people. An opinion draft was “leaked” by someone within the court, and now crowds are gathering around the houses of justices, attempting to intimidate them into changing their minds.

This is the biggest domestic political event in my memory – bigger than Obamacare, bigger than Clinton’s impeachment, bigger than Donald Trump’s election. In fact, God may have placed Donald Trump in office solely to facilitate this historic change. Many were the men that wished (and prayed), even up to his tumultuous departure, that he would restore the republic with a strong hand, but the prayers God heard were perhaps of a different sort from different people. If Trump’s tenure seems mediocre or worse, this one issue may dictate that it was all worth it. “Last time pays for all.”

As Abel’s blood cried out to God, surely do the voices of that multitude, millions upon millions, who have been slain before they had an opportunity to draw breath. If America faces deserved chastisement, it is for their silent screams, joined with the lamentations of the many who have been deceived into the act of murder. God might not be a Republican, but there are still horrors in this world that cry out to heaven for relief.

Keep in mind that Republican lawmakers have had decades to respond to this modern holocaust by initiating the constitutional amendment process to ban the practice, or at least make it explicitly the purview of the states. This they have not done. Instead, they have rolled over, and only as the Baby Boomers pass into old age and out of public power has there been a real concerted effort at pushback of some sort. As the shadow of the famous first decision grows, so does the certainty in the minds of the moral and observant that the elective medical termination of pregnancy is an absolute horror. And guilt for being lukewarm on the issue settles in the soul like sludge in the wine barrel.

And though we are deserving of harsh scourging as a people, the end of the slaughter may offer an opportunity for reconciliation – for the country to move back towards God by eliminating or significantly reducing a dire sin.

The plausibility of this, for you believers, ought to be strengthened by the gnashing and wailing of the death cult at the mere possibility that some portion of the country will ban their most sacred practice. The obsession with abortion by the most vocal proponents of the left is demonic; the “leak” of the drafted opinion is an attempt to thwart the opportunity for reconciliation of the people with God and, I would assert, each other.

It’s not a political issue; it’s a moral issue. Abortion is a cancer eating the soul of the nation. Destroying it will be painful, but ultimately, therapeutic. Unlike the “medical” procedure that is the subject of this essay, which destroys life to preserve comfort, killing abortion is like chemotherapy and surgery: it destroys comfort to preserve life. And the longer the wait is, the worse the outcome will be.

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  1. Fantastic article.

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