Eyes in the Walls, chapter 2

I couldn’t shake that horrible thing from my dreams. It didn’t help that I had to go to the funeral home at least once a week. I did my best to focus on my homework, but I could never get rid of the feeling that the thing in the morgue was watching me, waiting. At night I imagined him following me home and sneaking into my house, standing at the foot of my bed in the darkness, licking his lips.

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Eyes in the Walls, Chapter 1

My mom used to joke that being a mortician was the best job in the world because all of your customers walk away satisfied. At least, they never complain – of course they never walk away. Except… maybe I saw one of them walk away.

Should I tell you the story?

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Eyes in the Walls – Psychological Horror coming Friday the 13th of December

I’ve got a new book coming out, and you can pre-order it for 99 cents. After this period, the price will go up to 2.99. The ebook is free for Kindle Unlimited customers, and will be free for paperback customers when the physical becomes available. What should you expect? Eyes in the Walls is a book about a boy named Billy who sees a monster. No adults in his life believe him. They think he’s crazy, and they put him on antipsychotics. However, the other kids seem to believe him, even confirming the reality of the monster, who lives in the…

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