The death cult forgets its mask

I’m fairly certain they deleted the tweet because they realize they weren’t wearing their mask, so here is a screenshot:

Murdering babies is badass you say? Something cool kids do? Too bad those uncool Spanish Christians put a stop to such a badass and admirable practice. Truly, the European man is evil for wiping such a badass cultural practice off the face of the earth. No respect for the religious beliefs of others, those wicked conquistadors.

People wonder why I call it the death cult. It’s because they’re obsessed with death and promote it endlessly.

If it’s not infanticide, it’s abortion. If it’s not abortion, it’s elective sterility. If it’s not sterility, it’s deviancy.

What’s special in this case is they were so open and direct with the messaging. Almost always they promote through some other temptation – abort a child so you can have a career; avoid having kids so you can amass more stuff. In this case, they just said it was good to kill babies.

Not fetuses – remember, the cultists use their own language to baffle outsiders and speak to insiders – children.

They couldn’t describe it as it is – horrible, evil, etc. – because that wouldn’t denigrate the larger European culture. All indigenous people were virtuous; all Europeans were evil, which is why they should die.

Well, not die immediately. They should be slowly replaced, preferably with people who are more terrifyingly badass.


  1. Death Cultist: Lol, Europeans aren’t being replaced, you dumb conspiracy theorist! Besides, diversity is good for everyone!

    Optimate: *produces multiple major news articles by other Cultists gloating about population replacement*

    Death Cultist: Lul, you colonizers deserve it!

  2. Rather similar to what they’re doing with the latest Assassin’s Creed, if the cinematic trailer is indicative of the story: “Oh no, folks! The Norse invasions and colonization of Britain were benign, and horribly misrepresented by the native Christians!” Forget the slaughter, slavery, and human sacrifice. Oh, and if anyone complains, they’re hit with the old: “It’s just a game silly!” ;)

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