Why We All Have High Hopes for Net Neutrality

1: Radio emerges. Some stations broadcast on the same wavelength.

2: Create the FCC to keep the airwaves “clean.”

3: FCC creates broadcast monopolies within each local market, hurting consumers and benefiting established broadcasters.

4: FCC institutes sweeping censorship laws retarding the growth of art and prevents wholesale any political discourse.

5: Television emerges to challenge radio.

6: FCC licenses, monopolizes, and censors television. For decades, only three major networks exist.

7: Cable companies emerge to challenge existing broadcast monopolies, offering a much wider variety of programing direct to consumers.

8: The government grants cable companies a total monopoly in each local market, hurting consumers and benefiting established cable providers.

9: The internet emerges, challenging existing media monopolies and offering an untold amount of variety and information

10: Some ISPs (many of which are cable companies) throttle high-bandwidth traffic and content that competes with their own.

11: Defying convention and 100 years of history, the FCC steps in and creates net neutrality rules, saving the day and making the internet a better place for everyone, with no added expense or consequence. Netflix streams flawlessly.
Everybody likes surprises. Too bad we never get any.

Prometheus weeps.

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