Why we don’t object to Trump’s “Secret Police”

In standard fashion, the Death Cult is appealing to morality that it itself does not recognize or care about. It does this most potently by co-opting organizations that officially are dedicated to some sense of “morality”:

The Libertarian Party has been a clown show for some time, but this tweet really says it all. They were silent when it came to mobs of “anarchists” (really, bandits) destroying swaths of private property and stealing indiscriminately during “protests.” They certainly didn’t call for individuals to use force to defend their property.

Instead, they speak up when one organization level of government (federal) does what the others (local, state) were SUPPOSED to do from the beginning – namely defend property. One of the points of the state is to protect rights. My all accounts the LP believes rights can only be violated by the state.

The appeal to some moral sense – that we don’t have “secret” police or that the “secret” police are a moral hazard – falls flat when you realize that the other side would fully embrace actual secret police and that they would use them to their fullest extent to suppress you.

So we don’t mind the DHS engaging in police action for several reasons:

  1. We know that the other side would never care about the “moral hazard” of the police being used against the right.
  2. The police aren’t secret, they are clearly what they are and the death cult, as usual, is lying.
  3. The DHS is doing what the innocent desperately wanted local police to be doing from the beginning.

The Libertarian Party once again proves that it has been totally converged by the Death Cult. It’s a statist organization in practice and those positions it expresses are toward unlimited personal license in deviant behavior. It truly is the party of “420 blaze it” and “Bake the damn cake” in equal parts. Pot Lord Gary Johnson was the right candidate.

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  1. There’s no secret police. They’re all wearing badge numbers, “Police” patches and even unit patches. And they’re all in uniform.

    The media is flat out lying and the political animals are spreading the falsehoods for their own gain. So business as usual.

    • Absolutely, and LP is just another statist mouthpiece at this point, only lamer.
      It’s like they are desperately trying to get the cool kids to notice them by copying their wardrobe, never realizing that the cool kids will never invite them to the party.

      • David

        Libertarianism is Anglosphere anarchy but with neither the guts for propaganda of the dead or a coherent ideology.


  2. Sergeant Slim Jim

    Tom Woods, a very prominent Libertarian thinker, has nothing good to say about the Libertarian party. While Tom opposes government over reach in all forms (and government in general), he also recognized that the protesters are enemies of civilization and ought to be opposed. It’s not all weed and gay marriage in Liberty Land. In fact, most of the intellectual heavy weights don’t take the Libertarian Party seriously.

  3. If these police are so secret, why do WE know about them?

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