Attempted Programming

If you are seeing crap like this all the time, you aren’t the one:

Nothing is organic when it comes to legacy media. If you remember the Gamergate days, it was proven through a leak/hack that all the games journos had a big chat going where they would decide to, in concert, talk about the same game, same issue, or dogpile a target across all separate publications.

“Dad bod” is the latest, but certainly not the most ridiculous, attempt at “narrative saturation.” If you were paying attention you’d have seen it before with eating bugs, living in pods, “amazing” child drag queens, and the evil of heterosexual men not dating transwomen, just to name a few.

What this constitutes is an attempt to alter perceptions and attitudes (and therefore alter reality, in a way). The attempt is to make something abnormal into normal or to make something total normal into abnormal. They attempt this through several important strategies:

  1. Narrative saturation. A large number of media outlets talk about the same issue at the same time. Talking heads and blue checks echo the message to all their social media followers. Since there is so much information flowing around, it’s impossible to saturate anyone’s attention without journos coordinating to do it all at one specific time. In this way, almost everyone gets a dose of the misinformation and some people will be overwhelmed by it. This can make the issue seem “important” or make it seem like the standard opinion is the one being amplified.
  2. Fake science. These aren’t facts at all, of course. What will be cited will be such so-called scientific things as “surveys” and “studies” which present the new paradigm as normal and good. Likewise the opinions of “experts” will be touted as perfectly factual and predictive. Even the most lukewarm skeptic will be able to sniff these things out as atroturf nonsense, but they’ll be called out as “not believing science,” and that “the science is settled.”
  3. Demonization of the normal. As part of the disinformation campaign, the personalities will attack the normal position as being evil, using terms such as “homophobic,” “transphobic,” racist, etc. This makes people who are normal or have the original perception of reality afraid to speak up and call the misinformation what it is – bullshit. The few normal people who speak up will be subjected to cancel culture and sjw mob tactics, and fear will keep the normies in line.

Using the “Dad bod” as an example (and I hate that term – I’m a dad and that doesn’t mean I have to be weak and obese), the experience of every male occupying reality is in conflict whatever survey or study was conducted to conclude that the dad bod is somehow a preferable physical arrangement as a male. Women like men who are fit – strong and lean. They always have and those preferences don’t disappear just because journos are soft gammas who can’t control the food that goes into their gullets.

Its just another facet of fat acceptance, which I’ve talked about before – an attempt to change beauty standards so that unattractive people can better persuade attractive people to sleep with them. Fat girls aren’t suddenly going to prefer the dad bod just because they are fat – they still want access to the guy with abs.

Much better data in this case would be marketing. Just do an image search for “romance novel” and you’ll see just how popular the dad bod really is. Since marketers are out to make money for themselves and their clients, they can’t be in rebellion against reality. They have many, many data points through constant experimentation that indicate what women find attractive, AND IT IS NOT A BEER GUT.

The thing is, these methods can be at least somewhat effective. Given that the only evidence for thoughts is words and actions in the real world, changing the way people act and speak, even you don’t technically change their preferences, means you have effectively changed reality. These things will always be in contrast to the natural, though, so it stands to reason it can last only so long as the control over behavior lasts.

A few people, of course, will be brainwashed along the way, but most will simply go along to get along. Secretly, though, the natural persists. The (female) journos saying they like dad bods and beta males will happily sneak away from their soft bugman boyfriend and his bug snacks at the company party to get railed by the gym rat in the bathroom. She’ll then write an article about how important it is for men to not be jealous and let their girlfriends sleep with who they want to.

Also, she’ll hop on twitter to say it’s very important for the environment that people get used to eating bugs (which she won’t eat, because she’s Jewish).

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  1. Thank you for the article. You’ve summed up all the points very nicely. The amount of control that the news/media/advertising industries have over the population is astonishing.

    An example is alcohol commercials. They’re always filled with young, fit, beautiful women. But the only way to have a body like that is to avoid alcohol, since it causes fat so easily. So, the people who appear in alcohol commercials, to convince you to drink alcohol, don’t drink it themselves. Otherwise they wouldn’t be beautiful enough to be in the commercials!

    Critical thinking skills are so important.

    • I did a video awhile back called “What you see is NOT what you get” that makes some similar points. Commercials for fitness equipment are often the worst – the model has abs from his diet, not the equipment, and he’s on steroids, so he’s probably not any healthier than average.

  2. I noticed this media saturation years ago. Back in the late 80s, all the progressive Spanish media droned on and on about how humans aren’t monogamous.
    My first reaction was the journalists are rationalizing their behaviour and want to normalize it.

    So whenever the media files on a fad, I ask myself why now? Who pushing the pile on and how do they benefit?


  3. What’s worse: That the media and its big money backers push the same nonsense at the same time, or the fact that so many people actually believe it?

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