“Acceptance” and the Death Cult

Fat acceptance.

Tattoo acceptance.

Queer/trans/gay/poly/etc. acceptance.

These things are actually tools of the death cult. Remember that the death cult doesn’t just want you dead, it wants your culture, your people, and your religion dead. It often offers nominal life to you as an individual in return.

Acceptance movements in general operate along three common layers to the death cult:

  1. A seeming appeal to the good
  2. A usually tacit appeal to the self
  3. A result that furthers the goals of the death cult (see above)

Let’s take “Fat Acceptance” as an example.

  1. We should accept fat people. It’s what’s inside that counts!
  2. If you are fat, you don’t need to lose weight for aesthetic or health reasons – you are beautiful the way you are! Attractive people should have sex with you, because you are attractive too! People should be educated to love you for being fat, especially men with money and muscles.
  3. Result: people are afraid to be normal. They are afraid to express preferences for classical beauty standards, afraid to call people beautiful for being fit, and afraid to express beauty in art for fear of being socially isolated or harassed.

The end result is an affliction of our culture and our humanity.

Like any death cultist trying to quote the bible, it starts with what seems like an appeal to the good. After all, we should view people who are overweight or obese as fellow humans. We should show them love and care, and their value as people extends beyond their physical appearance.

What follows from that is the sign of the cult – an appeal to hedonism as a replacement for what “love and care” actually are or ought to be. Telling a family member that she needs to lose weight for her health is not unloving, nor is offering to help someone struggling with weight a consultation with a nutritionist. There might be delicate or brutish ways to approach this, but expressing a desire to help a person’s health is an act of love. After all, there are far worse defects than having eaten too much good-tasting food over your lifetime.

The vain replacement for acceptance is changing “I accept other people as humans deserving of care and respect,” into “I accept other people as lacking defects and will not try to change them in any way.” It’s embracing hedonism to tell a person who is obese that there is nothing wrong with their eating habits – that there is nothing wrong with eating lots of delicious, high-calorie food, even when the effects on the body are highly visible. There’s nothing wrong with gluttony!

In fact, the defect lies with others – those people who judge you for eating an entire pizza by yourself, those people who refuse to sleep with you just because they’ve been trained and conditioned to find your fatness unattractive, those people who perpetuate false standards of beauty in gym advertisements, and so on.

And then, finally, through that appeal to lustful self, we have damage to society. Artists become afraid to portray women as slim. Average people become afraid to compliment somebody on achieving fitness goals. Maybe they are afraid to turn down a fat woman for fear that it makes them a bigot, or fear that others will think they are evil for seeking out attractive women.

Of course, fat acceptance is primarily focused on the female, because male standards are different. The equivalent of the male side would be something like “Poor acceptance,” or “loser acceptance,” but men finding companionship is antithetical to the death cult, so that acceptance movement is likely never to happen. Neckbeards and incels are sub-human to the Death Cult.

“I agree you are beautiful as fat. Want to go out sometime? I’m broke and live with my parents right now.”

“Ew, get out of here!”

Remember that they only seem to appeal to the good, or any standards at all.

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  1. They deprive people of their humanity by castrating their ability to make judgements. A man who doesn’t make judgements is a pet.

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  3. I think this is an inevitable consequence of materialism/scientism/atheism (take your pick). I don’t even think it’s as overtly malicious as Alric says, in most cases. I think it’s because people are rightly confused about what they’re alive for.
    We should accept people because they have equal dignity under the Lord. Without Christ, what dignity is there besides your body and your comforts? All that matters is to eat, drink, and be merry, so “how dare you question my hedonism!”

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