Invoking Mammon to Spite Moloch

“Get woke, go broke.”

It’s pure cope.

But more than that, it’s evoking a vice (greed) as some counter, or some consequence, to the ideological propagation of the greater death cult.

You need to take your arguments to a higher level, specifically the spiritual and moral level, because the “woke cult” is ultimately a moral vision, and to defeat a moral vision, you need a superior moral vision.

As a practical matter, virtually no individual suffers any kind of consequence, especially financial, for participating in woke ideology. In fact, they receive benefits from it, usually financial, even when their ideological products cost the companies that they work for millions.

You need look no further than Marvel comics or DC to see upward failure in motion. Writers of dubious quality who produce books nobody buys are given further writing opportunities on big legacy properties, which are then run into the ground. Marvel is a company that will launch titles that fail to sell 5 thousand copies, when in the 1980s they sold 100,000 copies per title per month.

Yeah, they’re “going broke,” but they aren’t going totally bust because they are an appendage of a megacorporation (Disney) that will float them forever if they choose. Losing the operating costs of Marvel is nothing to Disney, which has such vast physical and intellectual assets that even if the company as a whole were going broke (it isn’t), it could leverage debt on those assets effectively forever. And even if they DID go broke, they could probably get a bailout from their friends (or more accurately, employees) in congress because of their importance as a “cultural institution.”

This goes for movies, too. Thinking that failing to make a billion on some Star Wars movie matters to Disney is naïve. That’s like thinking that a billionaire losing ten thousand dollars at a casino is going to get him to wise up. He could literally do that thousands of times without being in any danger.

Zoe Quinn of gamergate fame has never produced a quality product and has even potentially caused the suicide of a fellow developer, and yet she will always have a job because of the cult. Going woke is effectively a form of job security more than anything.

And even if the woke cult somehow crashes an institution, like Rooster Teeth, they will still view it as all worth it, because they are operating a moral vision, not trying to make money. They would rather destroy an institution than lose control over it. They’d rather it go broke than not be woke.

They are acolytes of Moloch, not Mammon, so even if Mammon does not reward them, they view their service to the other force as more important anyway.

This rolls downhill to everything else. If a teacher loses his job because of wokeness (unlikely to impossible, depending on how tenure works in the state), he’s a hero, and the cult will in all likelihood give him another job. If an actor’s comments upset fans that’s fine; the actor will still get work, perhaps even an award.

And of course, our side also needs to acknowledge the reality that most normies simply don’t care. They don’t care about feminist messaging in Captain Marvel. They don’t care about a razor commercial that paints men as bad. They don’t care that some Hollywood celebrity thinks “cis men” are evil or calls the fans manbabies. It doesn’t matter that millionaire athletes hate their country.

The normies want their bread and circuses and will ignore or forgive many, many things to get what they want. American “Conservatives” couldn’t even stop watching Football, despite literally infinite other entertainment options, including other sports.

And since Normies are the biggest part of the market, “Get woke, go broke,” is anything but a consistent observation, much less some sort of economic law. “Produce Shit, get forced to quit,” isn’t even true. That’s the real reason Marvel Comics shambles on as a zombie—what they make just sucks and normies were ejected from the market decades ago. Yet they still soldier on, their garbage made increasingly worse by ideology.

So, appeals to greed are clearly worthless. They are at best morally neutral, since everyone needs some profit to go on living, and at worst an appeal to vice. It’s the sort of baby libertarian thinking that pops up so often—people that firmly believe the profit motive will sort everything out eventually, that corporations exist to make money, and that financial gains are the only kind of measurable reward. No serious libertarian thinker ever thought this, but it pervades discussion in this area like a bad case of herpes being passed around to a bunch of groupies.

Appeals to the flesh are of little worth when the subject is already demonically influenced.

Remember the Eagle and the Snake. You don’t fight the snake on the ground, where it is powerful. Instead, you grab the snake and fly skyward, where it is powerless. It’s time we take our arguments to the spiritual and moral dimension.

The best moral solution already exists for us and has been taught continuously and without change in fundamental doctrine for two millennia, subject to endless tests of both philosophical and practical natures and has yet endured despite the continual stupidity and evil of man.

The solution is Christianity. In this tradition, the tools for the opposition of the world are already well-established. Moreover, we cannot fail; for if you lose the world, but gain salvation, you have won indeed. For those of you who are not religious, I tell you, you had best take stock of yourself, decide what you really believe in, and where your limits are because what hates you is a religion, but within this one, they do not act with reason, or with temperance, or with mercy.

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  1. What is your thought on the inevitable collapse of the United States of America? What are your thoughts on Americanism as a belief system/as a Christian Heresy? (Using this as reference, I find that a good chunk of the 14 tenets are outright heretical).

    • I’ve thought about “Americanism” as a sort of pseudo-religion for about 20 years. On one level, you need a spiritual belief in the nation, but the pseudoreligion emerges because we all have different religions. It becomes the common faith, with its own weird ministers and clerics (judges).
      You see it with boomers talking endlessly about the constitution, which is just a piece of paper, and at the end of the day means whatever 5 unelected black wizards say it means. It’s idolatry, frankly, to appeal to the constitution as any sort of authority.

  2. You are right on, it’s a cope. Ideally, it should be true, and the virtues of the Free Market espoused by the American dream would win out. But as you state, the game is rigged. These companies are, like the corrupt bank “regulators” we bailed out a decade ago, directly connected to the state treasury and thus Too Big To Fail. Plus they have the best ever excuse for any lacking sales, the lockdowns which they themselves imposed have forced businesses to shut down. Oh, the poor comic industry is failing, and it’s because of this virus. And you know who is to blame for the virus (no, not the people whose job is literally “Disease Control”) that’s right, it’s all the same horrible people who refused to buy the woke products! The anti maskers are also the anti TLJers, conveniently enough, so you don’t even have to change tactics, just keep calling them Nazis like you have been doing for 5 years now. These people who are so evil and backwards for not wearing a mask, a privilege only afforded to the media elite to whom we bestow awards and statues for doing really important things like pretending to be superheroes.

  3. Greetings Stu, long time no see. I’ve kept enjoying on Bitchute though… You’ve got a dedicated audience there, even though I understand it’s not very time effective to attend to it.

    So, where do you get the names of these fellows? Even though because of past experiences I’m VERY cautious when it comes to demonology, I’m kinda curious about their given names, and those of other evil spirits. Does Brian have some writing on the subject? I can’t find anything on his blog ever since he changed it up.

    • Both of these names are biblical, but may not appear as such in certain translations. For instance, in Matthew chapter 6 Jesus says, “You cannot serve God and Mammon.” The NIV if I recall translates it as, “You cannot serve God and money.” You can debate whether that is technically correct, since Mammon is a manifestation of greed, but it certainly makes more sense to say “Mammon,” since money is a concept, whereas Mammon is an “entity” and is capable of being served.
      Moloch is likewise mentioned in Acts and is associated with child sacrifice in the old testament, specifically Leviticus 20. When I call Abortion a sacrificial act to Moloch, I’m not merely being metaphorical, as it is a literal murder of a child to gain fruits in this life. Brian was the one who really framed it in such a way first, and it really fits.

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