Gail Simone reveals what they all actually think of you

This thread is a beast:

Once again, the mask slips and one of the “caretakers” of beloved western franchises shows exactly what she thinks of the people who like her medium.

I actually found myself laughing quite a bit at that thread, not because the satire was cutting or accurate, but because I felt like I was watching somebody scream into a mirror.

Leftists these days don’t seem to either understand satire or be able to make their own, primarily because they have absolutely no idea how 99% of the population truly thinks, looks, and acts like. This is why they rave about “Nazis” when the people they hate are primarily free-market capitalists.

Apparently this breakdown was prompted by the “unexpected” (read – expected by anyone with common sense) bombing of Birds of Prey at the box office. When you make your all-female cast look decidedly un-sexy, don’t be surprised when the male audience you need for success in the superhero movie space don’t bother showing up.

Image result for birds of prey

Remember, they hate you, and they will hate you even more for not giving them your money.

So don’t.

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