Postmodern Politics: Beauty Edition #hotgirlsforbernie

Oh boy, #hotgirlsforbernie has it all. You don’t want to click, but you will. Your curiosity will overcome your better sense.

This is a perfect example of how post-modernism, with its core ideas of “challenging assumptions” by attacking the meaning of concepts, is fully at home with and ingrained into the modern, western political left.

This whole thing is a bit a take-off of the meme that “conservative girls are hotter,” but it all goes so horribly, horribly wrong.

ANYONE can be a hot girl for Bernie, you see, even if you aren’t a girl (apologies my friends) and you aren’t beautiful:

“Conservative girls are hotter” is true because they know what beauty is, which means they either try to adhere to that standard or else don’t put themselves out there as “beautiful.”

On the other side is the demand that you recognize everyone as beautiful, that beauty doesn’t have to mean… beautiful. More than that, the idea of “girl” is in flux too.

When a category includes everything it is no longer a category. A concept that includes everything includes nothing. There are no girls, and certainly no beautiful girls, if everyone is beautiful.

This destruction of meaning is at home on the left because it is useful. Beauty is not distributed equally, but unlike resources, you cannot steal beauty and spread it around – it simply is. Instead, you must destroy the concept of beauty.

But just like with businesses, the left doesn’t get that other people benefit from beauty besides the beautiful person. Observing beauty is an enjoyable, even enlightening, experience. This is true if it is a piece of art or just a beautiful woman.

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