The Death Cult

I’ve been talking about the Death Cult for a while now, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see others coming to similar conclusions on their own.

What is the death cult?

It is a developing secular religion that is dedicated to death, of course, but this is not a religion of suicide, at least as you normally know suicide. Here’s what I mean:

Is your own death the worst thing that can happen?

Only a sociopath would say “yes.” What is worse, your death, or the death of your family? The death of your city? Country? Your country and yourself?

Obviously, your own life is worth less than the lives of all those connected to you by blood, God, and culture.

So when I talk about the death cult, I am talking about a cult that is dedicated to this larger, Megadeath, rather than just suicide. In fact, the normal trade is your life now – and your pleasure – in exchange for the deaths of what is above you and more important than you: family, religion, culture, and tribe.

To that end, the death cult demands the sacrifice of your family, religion, people, and culture. All of these things are your progeny in different capacities. If you have no family, your lineage dies; the perpetuity of your blood is ended. If your culture and religion dies, it is as if the spiritual life of your people is gone into the dirt and it never existed. It’s not just the same as suicide, it is infinitely worse.

Your forebears gave you life, culture, and God with the assumption you would continue those things, not destroy them. You are the caretaker of your culture, not the owner.

Be aware that you are looking at a death cultist anytime somebody demands or tries to persuade you to:

  1. Not reproduce
  2. Destroy or abandon your culture
  3. Abandon God

Make no mistake, there are cultists on both the left and the right politically. This is not a one-wing phenomenon. I’m sure off the top off your head you can think of at least a handful of philosophies or groups that are implicitly part of the death cult.


  1. It’s encouraging to see another influencer shining a light on the Death Cult. Keep it up, David!

  2. It is remarkable how the neoliberal world order centered around severed ties to nation, faith, and family benefited so much from the Nazi bogeyman. You couldn’t ask for a better advertisement for your position than “the Nazis are against it.” I’m forced to question hope much I know about Nazis is truth, or merely the result of spending my whole life steeped in neoliberal anti-culture.

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