Who is Michael Moore Talking To?

It sure ain’t the Ayatolla, who probably doesn’t know who he is and wouldn’t care what a godless, decadent American has to say to him anyway. This is to say nothing of the fact that posting a podcast is not actually communicating with a foreign leader.

So who is this tub talking to?

Well, everyone who agrees with him, that’s who. This is a plea for attention and an attempt to regain relevancy that has been lost due to the free-flowing information of the internet.

He’s talking to leftists like himself, saying the things that they want to hear. They are all engaging is a large circle of fantasy where what they have to say has meaning when, if judged by any metric related to outcomes, it does not. There is no conversation with the Ayatolla.

The “open letter” is directed toward the left with a thin pretention of cross-character drama, like a soliloquy with one actor standing to the side of the stage, reminding the audience that they are at a play while the lead simply talks directly to them.

Of course, he’s not really talking to the Ayatolla – the one he thinks he’s addressing has been dead for 30 years.

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