Feeding Molech for a Trophy

Very rarely does something appear truly devilish to me, but this one really seemed strange, even crazy. I’m curious if those who don’t share my faith get the same vibe, but for sure there is something… off about her voice. It sounds compelled, if that makes sense:

When the last payment comes due

Of course, there is more to this than that.

First, she makes the trade obvious – she is successful because having an abortion allowed the opportunity to be so; she would not have the trophy had she not aborted her child. She says, “Thank God or whomever you pray to.” An image comes to mind:

Give to the gods now for future favors.

She emphasizes throughout her speech her choice in all of this. Absent is her choice to engage in the acts that lead inevitably to the production of children. Nobody ever says they are so glad they abstained from sex prior to marriage and it allowed them to focus on their career before having children.

Second, beyond the basic idea of a trade, we can witness the “progress” of tolerance and legalization. It is not enough that abortion is legal, it should be de-stigmatized. It’s not enough that it carries no stigma, it should be viewed as virtuous – after all, had she not had her baby torn from her, she wouldn’t have been able to win a trophy for… whatever she was in.

Perhaps this is why it seems so demonic to me. It’s a trade – your child for the success you imagine – but part of that trade is promoting the demonic to others. You worship Molech, but you also must proselytize for him. Others have to be willing to offer up their children for the fruits of the flesh to be given unto them. Flesh for flesh.

Third, she is trading what she does comprehend.

It is like having the devil give you all the world – riches, women, power, leisure – in exchange for your soul when you die. In effect, he is asking you to trade everything in the next life for everything in this life. We mortals cannot fathom heaven, and therein lies the great temptation.

However, the devil in offering the world for heaven is telling you that heaven is both real and more valuable than the world.

I hear Michelle Williams is pregnant. If so, she will soon learn the value of heaven, and what she gave up to put a trophy on her mantle, to be called “actress” or even “star.” I can tell you that there is nothing on this earth – no amount of wealth, success, fame, or pleasure – that I would trade one of my children to possess. In fact, I would give up everything I own to keep them.

I pity her the pain of that realization, but it is part of the bargain she made; it may even be a blessing, for the greatest purification happens through the deepest, hottest flame.

There is a hope for redemption for all people and all sins. Remember that when you hear her quavering voice.


  1. Here’s a control for regular voice:


    Compared to that, she’s very choked up, compressed, lower-pitched voice. Lots of emotions trying to come out and being bottled up. What they are, I can’t say. But the image of a giant fist squeezing around her to force the words out is not incongruent with what I heard there at the Golden Globes clip.

    • Woah yeah, it’s so different. Anyone might get emotional talking about having an abortion, but her tone was so different from what I would expect. It’s was very uncanny to me.

      • Also, she is publicly praising her abortion because abortion is still controversial.

        She isn’t talking about sexual promiscuity–praising Ashtoreth–because too many in society, even those who dislike abortion, still think this is good. And yet, the two are inextricably linked.

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