Words or Phrases that Should Immediately Set Off Your B.S. Detector

1. Equality-  There’s such thing as equal before the law (in concept, not in practice), but whenever somebody uses “equality” as a justification for something, you know the actions will involve theft, revocation of rights, or punishment for success and subsidy of failure.
2. Democracy- Even a casual student of the humanities knows how well democracy worked out for Socrates. Besides its serious shortcomings as a means of political organization, the idea of the majority rule is used as justification for a host of atrocities including foreign wars, theft through taxation, and as with Socrates, murder.  It, along with its more insidious cousin known as the republic (which is what the US actually is) has led to the preservation of slavery and then Jim Crow laws, the ascent of Hitler and the murder of 6 million individuals, and the horrors of central banking.  Just because the majority of legal voters likes something doesn’t make it moral.
3. Social Justice- This is usually used to justify the theft of property from a party in order for the supposed crime of their ancestors, under the assumption that the result will provide peace and equality.  Of course never addressed is how you intend to foster peace and equality within the resentment of theft.
4. Class/proletariat/ 99% In the United States, class is mostly an illusion crafted by socialists to make you resent individuals who have been productive.  The reality is that age is most associated with income and wealth, and the young usually end up moving into the middle and upper “classes” by the time they retire. The induced struggle then becomes between people who have already produced wealth, and those who have yet to produce any.
5. The American Dream- The idea of satisfied wealth, home ownership, and children is, believe it or not, outside of the scope of desire for many Americans. This combined with the odd transformation of the results of hard work, thrift, and savings into a mountain of unsustainable debt attached to your home makes this one of the most illusory concepts in the modern mind.  Look for it to be used in a sorrowful manner by those who feel entitled to comfort and by politicians to invoke a greater theft of your money to subsidize home debt.
6. Christian Nation- Alright, time for a term from the right.  People love to call America a Christian Nation when they are attempting to upend the separation of church and state by instituting prayer in public schools, preventing the building of mosques, preventing the teaching of evolution, and a host of other repressive irrational causes.  Don’t expect to enter into a reasonable debate with the people who champion this cause; the appeal to the authority of the founders as justification for the appeal to the authority of God is a logical fallacy you cannot hope to overcome.
7. Hero- In the classical sense heroes were characters like Hercules or Jason that did impossible feats. Today the category of Hero has been expanded to include all people who use force on behalf of the government as well as anyone who has ever done something nice for another human (or puppy) ever.  Being called a Hero is half a step up from being called “nice,” only I generally don’t paint an entire profession of people whose job it is to kill or repress others as “nice.” It is essentially a meaningless term used to golf-clap for people who don’t actually produce anything for society (and of course, their families).
8. Needy- This term is usually used when a third party takes it upon themselves to determine someone’s needs.  What they almost always need is more of your money.  Of course, the assumption is that you don’t have any needs.  You make 24,000 dollars a year.  You’re rich.
9. Hungry Same as needy, only worse.  How do you determine who is hungry?  Do you go around and ask them? You can’t use the term “starving” because people die of that;  there would be bodies. Did you know there’s a strong correlation between food stamps and obesity? Just think about that.  Even bums, who spend your change on booze, and can’t get food stamps, somehow manage to feed themselves. 
10. Diversity- Maddox once did a much more thorough debunking of this term, but I will affirm him:  People almost always mean diversity of appearance, not thought, because of the belief that all brown people will represent some “black perspective,” and all white people will represent some “white perspective.”  You could get a Thomas Sowell for that diversity hire, and add him to a room of white republicans and not see very much change in the output of thought.
11. Rape Culture/Patriarchy- A set of popular feminist terms used to cast all males into the role of predator, taking sex from unwilling women because of the dominating effects of their patriarchal culture.  The reality is that most men are unwilling to have sex without consent; indeed, it is primarily women who control the occurrences of sex and with whom.  The few exceptions to this are generally viewed as abhorrent.  The actual tension attempting to be described by the term “rape culture,” is just an objection to how interaction between the sexes has evolved.  Society’s typical placement of women is as selectors and rejecters in the case of sex, as opposed to the male experience of pursuit and peacocking.  If you are a man, you don’t have to apologize for having sex.  If you are a woman, you are allowed to enjoy it.

More to come some other time!

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