Boomer Economist vs. innerne’ pr0n

I really don’t know how to write about Paul Krugman. Others have talked about his economics which is beyond my scope here (in short – the criticism is that he’s bad at prediction and engages in nostalgianomics), but when it comes to something like this, it’s hard to know where to begin:


This is like a piece of post-modern art, only it actually means something. It’s a portrait of a boomer, painted with the boomer’s own words.

Mike Cernovich had this to say:

Yes, obviously the idea that someone “compromised” his IP address to download child pornography is absurd, but I think it might not be pointing to what seems obvious – that’s he’s trying to get out in front of a serious criminal charge. I think he’s just being a boomer who doesn’t understand the terms he’s using and is trying to find a story to explain something much banaler that scared him.

Dean Bradley found this other little piece of evidence:

Here’s what I think:

Paul looks at porn. Don’t need to get into the porn debate here, but looking at internet porn is very common.

Paul got a piece of malware or had some other script lock up his screen when he was looking at some porn. There are a variety of “scareware” scams out there that say things like “This is the FBI. We have detected the download of child pornography to this IP address. Pay a fine of xxx dollars below…” etc. These sorts of scams almost always are run through porn sites, because looking at free internet porn can be embarrassing. The idea of telling the cops, “I totally thought that video of a ‘hot young teen,’ was of an 18 year-old!” is much more embarrassing. Shame is powerful.

So Paul, being a boomer and not understanding these things, freaked out and started running damage control. As Dean found out, he’s done this before. When you have a lot to lose (and I guess he does), it is tempting to try to “draw the sting” as if you are in court.

The fact that he mentions “Qanon” is pretty key. Boomers have an interesting connection with conspiracy theories – if they don’t believe the conspiracy is true, they sometimes believe that others believe it, and are then creating a conspiracy to act in accordance with the first conspiracy theory.

That’s Q, in a nutshell, to boomers – you either believe in Q, or you think others believe in Q to such an extent that they are acting as a covert elite hacking group terrorizing poor, rational economists like Paul Krugman.

So what I think is that Paul got a scareware virus, thought it was real, and freaked out before figuring out from an IT guy he really just needed to reboot in safe mode and run an antivirus.

Before finishing this article, I noticed this:

Yes, the Times. That’s who you call when you have a computer virus and are a prize-winning economist.

So in short, fellow kids, don’t draw the sting on social media. Not smart!


  1. Just an epic sequence of hilarious self-destruction. And it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.

    The only way 2020 can top this is if insufferable douchebag Tom Nichols gets the same “compromised IP” treatment.

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