Disney Star Wars may provoke an artistic renaissance

Not because it’s good.

Oh no, it was very, very far from good.

And yet it may be the shock that wakes people up from the cultural stupor of the corporate period and gets them to either stop consuming entirely (starvation) or gets them to look at non-corporate alternatives, most of which are fare more original and better executed than the drivel that has been pooped out by Disney the last few years. That incentive could drive lots of money – and therefore talent – back to writing classic stories.

The meta-narrative of Disney Wars, which has primarily been about bickering between two narcissistic directors regarding how a franchise neither created ought to play out, has been a catalyst for fans to rethink the very idea of “franchises.” The meta makes it obvious that the directors are playing drag queen dress-up with Star Wars, making a giant mockery of something that countless people loved.

Think about that.

Disney paid almost five billion dollars for the legal right to skin what is really a cultural institution and wear it like a skin suit, then they mock anyone who points it out as part of “toxic fandom.” Didn’t they get the memo that being part of the fan club means consooming product?

If even a small percentage of the fan base wakes up to that reality, we could be looking at a serious boom for anyone that is willing to deliver quality, feel-good stories with even a halfway decent production value.

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