Dresden Files by Jim Butcher – Review and Analysis (overview)

On this video Matt and Myself talk about the Urban Fantasy behemoth known as the “Dresden Files” by Jim Butcher. We talk about what makes the series so appealing to readers, what works, and what its weaknesses are and were.

Writers of the Dawn is:

David V. Stewart – Fantasy and Historical Fiction Author, musician

Matthew J. Wellman – Fantasy and Urban Fantasy Author, musician.

Reading Fantasy – What books should you start with?

So, are you looking to get into fantasy, or at least do a little exploration of this massive genre? In the video below, I go over some books that I think are a great place to start. I tried to curate the list to include titles that are diverse in terms of setting and style, so if one doesn’t appeal to you another might, and I did my best to talk about titles that are accessible for a wide audience and don’t require you to already have a large amount of experience in the genre to understand. This list, for…

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Updates – Garamesh (New Book), Muramasa paperback, demands to see rogue one (vlog)

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How Design a Book Cover: Copying a Best-Seller in Inkscape (video)

Every wonder what goes into a modern book cover? In the video below you can watch me go through every step, from blank document to finished product, to create a modern book cover using only stock photography, Inkscape (a free vector and object program), and a little know-how. I demonstrate this by copying the design of the cover for Name of the Wind, by Patrick Rothfuss, a best-selling fantasy epic that uses a standard photographic book cover. In essence, most modern book covers are composed of several photographs that are blended together to create the image of a scene or location, and…

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Storycrafting, part 1: The Basic Elements of Story (video)

Here is the beginning of a new video series detailing what elements go into the creation of an effective story. In this video I give a working definition of a story, then give its three basic components: setting, characters, and plot. Enjoy!

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