The Robotic Nihilism of Brand Politicing

How often have you driving by a fire and thought, “How can this benefit me?”

Its blackout tuesday, or some such rubbish – people on the internet are engaging in humiliation rituals…


It’s not a humiliation ritual for ye olde CORPORATE BRAND. For them, it is an OPPORTUNITY.

Corporate Public Relations is all about OPTIONALITY.

Here is what I mean by that:

  1. You issue an opinion that signals virtue, or else expresses something the greater market approves of. Those that approve of the message will like the brand more. They may even engage in some free advertising on your behalf by sharing your social media posts
  2. Those that disagree with the opinion are not so opinionated on the matter they will abandon your BRAND. They’ll still buy if they are a current customer, even if they silently don’t care for the statement.

This is PR in a nutshell – maximize the upside while minimizing the downside. Keep the view of the brand as positive in as many people’s minds as possible. This means you pick opinions that have such potential optionality. Otherwise, you stay silent. It’s very rare that being silent has a downside.

This is why BRANDS don’t come out and say abortion is good. Instead, they issue statements about “women’s health” which are viewed as pro-abortion by those who care about it but are viewed as a vague non-statement by people who oppose it. Nuetral people are slightly positively affected; at the same time, abortion abolitionists aren’t really going to attack you.

After all, who would come out against “women’s health?” You don’t hate women, DO YOU?

Once you get this, which you probably already instinctively do since you are reading this blog, you realise mose of corporate messaging is directed in this fashion, and it of course won’t affect you.

Nobody should really give a shit about what McDonald’s has to say about some recent social event, but people are so primed to seek out self-confirmation that PR actaully works a lot of the time.

We should call such empty, robotic messaging what it is:


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  1. It’s not profiteering, though.

    If it were, Hollywood’s profits wouldn’t have fallen 5% in 2019 despite Avengers Endgame.

    • Profit and submission to the death cult are not always exclusive.
      When push comes to shove though, they will definitely signal to the death cult over pursuing profit.
      I think they see the current situation as obvious and easy virtue bucks.

  2. Oddly liberating, in a way. I was saving up for a PS5 with the hope the economic situation would eventually stabilize to the degree that such a purchase could be safely made. Then Sony hinted they would help fund bail for the rioters. I’ve been playing Sony since the PS1 days: This was the end of that. Instead, I decided to spend some of the money to purchase physical copies of all your published books, David. Coming full circle, in a way: I first discovered you when you were giving away free copies of them on Bitchute for your Birthday. Having your work physically on my shelf is long overdue. I’ll have to check out Brian Niemeier’s series next; always did love the mech genre!

  3. Death cult gonna death cult. I have more contempt for conservatives and libertarians who cling to the self-defeating fiction that “CORPORATIONS ARE GOOD, HOLY, NOBLE, AND PURE!” than I do for insane luciferian progressives.

    • Standing up for corporations I think is just a knee-jerk reaction to the left complaining about them. Republicans have always argued for corporations because of “jobs” while Democrats are for the other corporation – the labor union – because of “higher wages.” Dumb.

      • Labor unions currently have no useful purpose. Their stated purpose is basically to be a monopoly that does less work for more pay. Not to mention teachers’ unions prevent firing the bad ones from public schools …

      • I’ve also noticed that big government and big corporations tend to behave badly in the same way, and for similar reasons. Having a monopoly (government) or near-monopoly (big corporations) means you don’t have to be competitive and can push agendas instead. And of course the root cause is being spiritually rootless.

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