Romance Writers Implode

Corporate cancer has afflicted the romance writers:

The saga continues.

This time, the entire organization has folded back on itself, much like something that is frequently described in the tomes of the membership.

This won’t end well, of course, but we must also ponder:

What exactly is the point of a professional membership organization like the Romance Writers of America, anyway? Is it a trade union? If so, it’s a shambling corpse in the newpub landscape. Is it for author support? Clearly the constant harassment and infighting doesn’t serve that purpose. They cancelled their awards, so they are clearly not about recognizing accomplishments or talent. So why does it exist? Why are people in it?

Also, let’s take a look at this:

Among the high-profile authors weighing in was Nora Roberts, who wrote in a blog post that the debacle “brought to light a long-standing and systemic marginalization of authors of color, of LGBTQ authors, by the organization.” No longer a member of Romance Writers of America, the best-selling writer said she became disillusioned in 2005, when top leaders drafted a statement defining romance as between a man and a woman.

“I would not be a part of this kind of discrimination against the LGBTQ community,” Roberts wrote. “Jesus, it’s fine to have a character fall in love with a freaking vampire, but not someone of the same sex?”

In the past, such lip service was all the tax required to keep the SJW cultists at bay – no further sacrifice required – but as “progress” continues such things will no longer fly. It will not be enough to say it is “okay” for other to write gay romance, you will have to engage in it yourself.

The reality is that Nora already believes in what she decries, otherwise she would be writing gay characters. I guarantee those complaints are already out there, just not hyped up to the extreme of the twitter feeding frenzy that SJWs think gives them power over others.

Yes, you say that LGBTQAPD+ is discriminated against, and yet you have not written any trans sex scenes. Better get on that Nora, before a headhunter sees you as what you are, a soft target, and rips open your belly for SJW clout. If you were truly as woke as you say, you would be writing about the struggle to your audience of middle-aged heterosexual white women.

My books are not romance books, but romance is often in them:

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