The Diversity War never Ends

It doesn’t matter how much you shut out men. It doesn’t matter how concentrated alternative lifestyle adherents are in your industry. They will always call for more. You are in an eternal state of sin for the color of your skin.

Take note of this.

Not only are the goalposts shifting, there were never any goalposts to begin with; or rather, the goals are different than what they say they are and aren’t actually on the field. The point of pretending there are goalposts is to get you to play the game they want you to play.

If your industry is utterly dominated by females, the problem is that there aren’t enough queer women. There is no upper limit to the requirement to have more LGBTQ people.

Let’s take a look at this little set of graphs and you can see what I mean.

  1. 76% white isn’t really out of bounds for any industry, much less one with a skill set arising from the white-collar classes. Actually, 24% non-caucasian is pretty good, if you think the goalposts are what they say they are.
  2. 74% “Cis” women. Where is the push for male participation? Males are a privileged class, therefor the appropriate participation is 0%. Of course, having a female-run industry is simply not a talking point. It’s not worth discussing, because the fairer sex is not “oppressed” here. But who is oppressed? That’s right, that tiny portion of people who want to be something other than what their physiology would demand.
  3. Only 81% straight, when the population is 98% straight? Again, the real world is different from the portrayals by the leftists, who, due to where they live, think everyone is queer. Also, that 2%other…
  4. 11% disabled – Again, how disabled should writers be?

The oppression Olympics will never end. Once everyone is trans and multi-racial, there will be new classes demanding representation.

Either that, or the Marxist revolution that the left clamours for will finally happen and all of these subversive people will be put into concentration camps and mental institutions.


  1. There are so few gays in the country as a percentage of the population, you’d have to get every last one to write and publish a book to get those percentages up . . . and even then you’d have to exclude just about every straight writer to achieve the proportions these clowns are whining about.

    Math: it’s fun!

    • It’s this way with almost everything that is part of representation in media. Notice how every show seems to have a jew in it when they are a very small part of the overall population? Or how ads constantly have interracial marriages when these are relatively rare?
      These people exist, obviously, but when you focus on “representation” you end up not representing reality at all.

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