My house is being renovated (again) today and tomorrow, which, since one of those rooms is my office/studio, limits my ability to compose and edit new updates or, especially, create more YouTube guitar content. What I thought might do instead is take a slight break from The Bright Children and other projects and put up a previously unpublished story from the Deep Time universe: Twins Across Two Times, a short story dealing with the reunion of Anders and Claribel, one of whom has aged profoundly due to the effects of relativity on high-speed space travel. Enjoy!

The Bright Children, Chapter 5-2, “Thief”

“No need to explain,” Shaenyll said, stepping out of the shadows. Frey seemed to give a start and an audible gasp, but Aphella thought in the front of her mind that his surprise seemed feigned; something about the man’s glance made her believe that he had seen both of them through the illusion without difficulty. “Lovely Shaenyll,” Frey said, and bowed, his voice stammering quavering. “I… don’t know how you arrived… but I of course must explain. You see-” “I was watching the entire time from behind a layer of confusion, as was Aphella,” Shaenyll said. Aphella felt the spell…

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The Bright Childrenn Chapter 5-1: Thief

Chapter 5: A Thief.   A pale red light in the spiral stairwell slowly grew, flickering as it approached. Aphella remained as still as a corpse. The clack of hard-soled boots on stone grew closer. She felt a bead of sweat burst on her forehead, then trickle down to the tip of her nose, where it itched angrily. She did not dare to wipe it off; the stairwell opened directly in front of her, and though she thought she trusted Shaenyll, the illusory weaving her teacher had supposedly put up could not be seen, and so trust failed and the…

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Muramasa Updates

So this week I did a rather large update of Muramasa: Blood Drinkergoing through all of the back postings on this site and updating formatting, html code, and graphics integration. All of the pages should now conform to the standard CSS and html tags used on DVS Press. I did this mostly because I want people to be able to read the book here, with all the advantages of the new site, with its better navigation and scripting capabilities (which has resulted in footnotes that actually work!) , rather than have to go back to The Tears of Prometheus to go through it.

When doing this it should be noted that the now current version of Muramasa on DVS Press has had its text derived from the original working file. This means that the version found here is effectively beta 2, having lots of little fixes that are different from the original run, yet containing no large revisions. Enjoy!

Muramasa: Blood Drinker table of contents

American Doublethink

Democracy is the best political system. I’m glad the courts threw out that voter initiative.   Discrimination is wrong. We need hiring and admissions quotas to correct past injustices.   I care about the poor. Let’s raise cigarette, sales, and gas taxes.   I believe in charity. We need to collect more tax money for assistance programs.   The war is evil, but I support our troops.   A volunteer army victimizes the poor. We should conscript the troops.   I would never assault someone just because they are doing something I don’t care for. I’ll call the police instead.…

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The Bright Children, Chapter 4-4, “Lessons”

Aphella lost her sense of space. Vertigo threatened to empty her stomach for her, and her true vision came roaring back. The room flickered into reality. Grey stone, colored vessels on bronze fittings, and the cool face of Shaenyll spun by, blurry and yet harsh in their clarity. She looked at stone that was familiar and yet strange. Shaenyll’s face filled her frame of sight. “Exhale. Breathe out, Aphella.” The teacher’s voice was soft, almost gentle, and yet there was an urgency behind it; a quaver that might have been anger or even fear. Aphella complied, and found herself unable…

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